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Twinkle sparkles!

Saturday 9th February saw most of Lancashire's Red Army travel down south to Hampshire to try to continue our great run of results. Some team members including myself set of down a day earlier so it was less tiring when it came to actually playing. I was off again. Another 500 miles to cover to add to my other tally of over 1600 just ten days earlier.

Our B team started our first advance with our ladies getting a fantastic draw against the top of the league ladies team. It was then time for our Men. Our Men charged full strength and smashed down any defences that Hampshire had seizing a Blitzkrieg style victory.

After two nights of relaxation, nice meals with comrades, it was the time for our second wave of attack starting with our A team ladies.

Our captain and dear friend Ally Smith showed our might setting a high bar with her 25.05 average and levelling the match 1.1. I was to play 5th. I was called to arms with the score at 3.1 down. I stepped up facing a veteran in the female darts scene of Jane Monaghan. I have played Jane a couple of times before and I knew I would have to play.

And play I did..... After a nervy start , trying to find my mark I dug in and fired my all my arsenal at her, if not matching but bettering her scores. The game seemed to be over just as quickly as it had started. I picked out the winning double dart and shook Janes hand to claim the 3,0 victory and turned to see the whole room on their feet cheering. One of my team mates turned my head to look at the monitors. When I did I gasped as I had hit my best ever average to date:

There were some very tight matches which could have gone either way. Our ladies may not have seized victory here with our 4.2 defeat but we really dented their arsenal. Preparing them for just a taste of what was to come with our A team men.

Our men continued where their team mates had left off with yet another 10.2 victory. Not only a fantastic result for myself with £50 given for the highest ladies average of the day & hopefully another £100 if I have the highest ladies average of the weekend throughout the UK.but for our team too. Another great weekend for Lancashire.

I have a busy time coming up with the Scottish and Slovakian Open before our next home County match. All my hard work I have been putting in since October 2018 is now showing as I steadily climb the BDO ladies seasonal rankings.

Confidence is building. Long may it continue!

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