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Red Army march on into 2019

Following fantastic attempts by Lisa Ashton and Anastasia Dobromislova in the PDC there were yet more emphasis on the ladies game from Lakeside 2019. The ladies game is very much in the limelight with people now seeing just how good some of the lady players are. Most of these players all started out or still do play for their local county team. There's hope for me yet. Perhaps I will get to Lakeside one day.

The weekend of 12th/13th Jan saw the Red Army of Lancashire County take on the mighty Warwickshire bears. Warwickshire always seem to be our bogies team last year giving us a fair old hammering. This year we were out for Glory.

Saturday saw our lovely ladies share the honours with Anne Marie Millership getting the highest team average of 17.06 just weeks after knee surgery. Saturday also saw our men's first wave. The games remained pretty even until digging deep we just managed to sneak ahead ready for yet more ranks to do battle the following day. Ian Lever providing and outstanding 29.47 ave to take our man of the match.

Determined to make sure victory was ours our next ladies squad smashed Warwickshire front line of ladies 5.1 with myself getting the lady of the match, plus lady of the weekend with a 22.43 ave. The £50 prize money will go towards my first comp of 2019 - The Dutch Open.

Lancashire men aimed to hold if not increase our lead. With some excellent games the honours were again looking even, however we finally clinched the one we needed to make sure we had won the weekend and the bonus points. Our very own Cobbler - Lee Shewan had an outstanding game and rounding off a very hard fought weekend with a 31.72 average.

Victory was ours this weekend and temporarily Lancashire top all the tables. It will be interesting to see how the tables look once all other counties have played their games.

Lancashire next head to Hampshire in February A very busy time for me coming up. Dutch Open, Lancashire County, Scottish open and then on to Slovakia all in the save of 1 month. I will be practicing hard to make sure my form continues.


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