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My best yet! Reader participation needed.

Obtaining sponsorship as any darter is very hard, especially if you are a lady. The 2018 season has started well for me. I am hoping with careful choosing and the help of my partner it will go from strength to strength. I would like to give another special thanks for Gareth Holt of GH Consultancy for his continued belief and support when he is able to do so.

I will take the festive season to save up hard and plan which competitions I should attend next to help me fulfill my dreams. I will continue to support local competitions at Morecambe Cricket Club on Sunday 30th December and Gordon Club on Saturday 5th January.

I thrive on playing be it men or ladies and find that it really has helped me raise my game, helped me focus and also overcome some nerves. Due to financial constraints I wasn't able to make the PDC playoffs in Milton Keynes. I was able to take on a room of over 25 men in a local grand slam where I qualified in the top 2 from my group of 6 other men. I made it to the last 8 before I was finally knocked out by a local legend George Fawcett 4.1.

It is only early days but I have finally got into the top 10 BDO seasonal ladies rankings, even into the top 5! But it won't last long, especially as I missed the Italian Masters. This is my highest ever ranking!!!

Finally, can I ask all the people who like to read my blogs to drop me a message on the Home page, If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see included then just let me know. This will help me to to see just how far my little website has traveled and help me decide whether I should continue to have my website going forwards.

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