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Turkish Delight

Oct 16th saw our group from Morecambe head back to Antalya for the sun, fun and darts at the Turkish Open 2018. Heading out early hours meant that most had been up over 40 hours by the time we arrived. Our early arrival meant we could chill and relax before the start of the darts. I've never slept as well as I did that night.

Darts began with myself and Kev in the mixed pairs. We won 3 games this year, narrowly losing out in the 4th lead us to our best ever run being knocked out at last 16 stage.

The following evening, after fun and frolics in the huge pools during the day myself and Heather Lodge aimed to at least match our last 4 outcome from the previous year. Early rounds we played well together, myself hitting a 180 and a 149 check out, Hev cooly hitting a 177 however we were beaten in the last 8 stage this time. We did win 25 Euros - which isn't much but it will go in my prize winning pot to help me attend and pay for more competitions further afield.

On to the singles and I was one of the lower seeds. First was the Turkish Classic. After only dropping 2 legs and following a great battle I won through to playing our very own Lisa Ashton. I set off well, staying with her all the way. I got the game to 2 - 2 with some great darts thrown including another 180 for me. The last two legs were tight but Lisa's talent, power and experience saw her take victory. I was happy with how I played and had a lot of people coming over to me, congratulating me. I just need to take my chances and take out the ton plus checkouts instead of wiring double top twice. Happy that I had defended and bettered my points from the previous year, ending up in last 8 and winning an additional 50 Euros.

Final darts of the week was the big Category A Turkish Masters. My aim on this one was to get to, if not better my last 16 from last year. Again I set off as a seed playing and winning my way through the field of ladies from all over the world. Yet again seed met seed & I faced the Mighty Ashton. Again we had a great battle, but this time I bowed out 4.1 and in the last 8 again with another 100 Euros to add to my winnings pot.

I have loved it this year, great family, friends & company as always with the darts lot. I quickly wash & re pack and go on to Ireland this coming weekend,

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