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Bull finish in Brid!

This weekend saw my first experience of the Bridlington Open and classic darts competition with some really good friends. The Spa venue is quite deceiving. You think it looks small where once you're inside it is huge! Very much like the Villa Marina in the Isle of Man.

Trying to put my most recent County defeat behind me was helped when I saw this sign upon entering Bridlington. The Lancashire Narna is everywhere.

I played pairs with my old Lancashire County darting team mate and friend Anne Marie Swindells. We were just pipped into second place but we both managed some good scores including a nice 111 finish from myself. A great warm up for the singles.

Saturday saw me take on a Northern Irish young lady. I played really well and felt so confident that I hit out 90 on the bullseye to take the first leg and show my intention for the game to come. A very quick and accurate 3.0 victory lead me to face the Mighty Lisa Ashton.

Feeling upbeat and confident in how my darts were going, Lisa and I had a great game. It was a little tight for space with me being a left hander. I was at the double first on 2 legs however narrowly missing. The Lancashire Rose Lisa soon pounced and took advantage of my slips. Doing very little wrong I still came out defeated 3.0, however playing anyone else I feel I would've been the victor. I came away feeling happy with how I played and a lot of people came up to me afterwards to saying how well I had done.

Sunday saw an early start. Again confident in how my darts had gone I stormed my way through my first game 3.0, hitting my finishes in the first attempt. This victory saw me move into the last 64 ladies again, this time facing Yorkshire County player Rachel Brookes.

I started to get a little frustrated at the limited space for players to walk back from the oche. The ladies on the board next to me were walking back practically in front of me as I was throwing from the right side. I had lost focus. My doubles then followed suit. I should have taken the first two legs but alas, victory again was to Rachel who graciously complimented me but advised she could see how I struggled with the space. Another narrow defeat - BUT IT'S ALL EXPERIENCE.

I want to thank those who have given me advice this weekend - your help and advice is duly noted. And proved to help.

Moving into the new season, with more experience under my belt, I have obtained my first sponsor who will help me get my season started. Thank you to Gareth Holt for your belief and support. May your Property consultancy, advice and investments business grow and flourish, like my darting experiences. The monies you have given will help towards entries of a double header competition at some point in the new season.

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