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Seeing Progress

My love and determination for the game has started showing in my results. All the time away from family is hard but when you see what you're achieving it makes it all worthwhile.

It is still frustrating when sometimes the consistency isn't there but I try not to be too hard on myself and remember I'm fairly new to it all.

I have found that playing men in our local Premier Darts league is raising my scoring, finishing & in all, my game. I have just been awarded Lancashire Ladies County Player of the season. I am so chuffed at this award.

Hopefully it has finally silenced the rumour mill from when I was first selected that I was only selected as we were short on players. I have played, kept my place, improved, obtained Lady of Matches for A Team and now Player of the Season.

I can't wait for the new season and to get back together with all our brilliant squad. #REDARMY

As well as being in contention to potentially qualify in the Mens Premier league I have also qualified in a male orientated panel darts competition. There's some tough competition but I know I can beat men to qualify, what's to stop me going further?

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