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All quiet on the Jojo front?

Or is it?

I have been quite busy locally with the end of our ladies Wednesday night league, attending an 8 week panel darts comp and the annual Morecambe Premier League. This year passing over my 4th year defence of the ladies title to play with the Men.

The experience I have been gaining from playing week in & week out against some top local lads is paying off not only in my scoring but finishing too!

I want to say a MAHOOSIVE thanks and lots of love to my Kev. He is so supportive about my love for darts and supports me all he can getting & going to all the comps. Even when it means we spend most weekends apart. He never says No when I ask him to come practice with me. He does sometimes moan when he loses and has to make the "Brew of Defeat" ha

I know playing at home is not quite the same as "Game on" but playing the Men is so helping with every aspect of my game. Last 2 hour session playing with Kev resulted in me playing the leg of my life so far. Needless to say I was quite nervous stepping up to go for the 141 for the magical 9 darter. 11 aint to shaby though.

I'm mixing it well in the mens group, in the top half of the group where the top 9 qualify. The games I have lost have almost all been so close losing 5.3, which against some of the lads in this group is a great achievement. It's all experience.

I have struggled getting to some of the BDO & England ranking comps lately, this is due to transportation (this is where I really had wish I'd learned to drive) finances and family.

Even though I have missed a few crucial comps I am still as determined if not more so!. This season has been my taster to see how it all works. I have learned how to select which comps I should be attending & which I shouldn't.

Whilst I'd love to attend them all you have to also think of the most financially viable ones, especially when you are self funding.. I understand more about the categories and boxes to tick also what it means to "defend points" . Next season is when I am going for it full throttle. I am going to get into top 20 BDO ladies.

I have had help and guidance from lots of people so far incuding Michael & Heather Connerton, Paul James, Paula & Des Jacklin, Lisa Ashton, Deta Hedman to name a few. I have also had help financially from my friends & sponsors for believing in me to follow my dream. To all these people I am eternally grateful and I promise to always give it my all and never give up.

Next one for me is Belgium Open in the beginning of August. Looking forward to it. #itsbeenawhile

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