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Preparation is Paramount

Sunday 24th June saw me head to Lincolnshire for the LDO Ladies Darts open. A tremendous field of ladies came from all corners of the UK and even from Kazakhstan. The day started with the pairs. As it was a last minute decision to attend for the pairs I didn't have a partner. I paid my entries and waited to see if anyone else needed to pair up.

I was paired with Cheshire counties own, the lovely Lyn Marsden. After a very close first game we cruised through our 2nd winning 4.0. We then drew the Lincolnshire lassies. The game went to the final double with some awesome darts from all ladies. Myself and Lyn had made the semi finals.

We faced extremely tough opposition in Maria O'Brien and Tricia Wright. However our earlier form eluded us and we failed to get to the pairs final against Anastasia Dobromislova and Vicky Prium.

We did celebrate how well we played together despite attending initially without partners. We won £30 each and reached further than we would have ever imagined.

Once pairs was finished the ladies singles competition started. I had a bye first game the my opponent in the following round didn't turn up so I got a walkover.

Waiting such a long time I kept getting up & down practising. However I saw my next opponent Casey Gallagher just finish a game & assumed I had plenty of time to follow the draw until I was due to play. We all know why we shouldn't assume. Approx 45 mins since my last few darts I was called to play. Needless to say it took me a couple of legs to get going, but that is suicide against a player the caliber of Casey.

I was knocked out and was very disappointed. Never again will I assume anything - learning curve to keep checking in on status and keep warming up.

On to my next adventure soon.

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