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Following playing competitive darts on various levels 9 out of the last 12 day I found myself playing again. This time representing our local Superleague team of Morecambe.

4 team members attended this mandatory event which included the league singles, Gold Cup singles and Gold Cup Pairs.

We all did well. Including our new team member Jess Williams who faced her fears and played some very good darts.

We all went out at differing points. After a long day we headed home knowing we had done our best and we were beaten by the best. Congratulations to my dear friends Ally Smith and Lisa Ashton on qualifying for the Gold Cup singles in Rotherham.

One more superleague game to go before the end of season. We're hoping to clinch third place.


I am saving hard now to try to get to more competitions myself as the sponsorship previously received have all but gone now.

I will continue to advertise and support Petersons, Dave " Chizzy " Chisnall & W& J Plasterers as thanks for their belief & support in me and my game. I have seen some real improvements and this is likely to have been due to the extra exposure to playing the game at a higher level.

I was also thankful for the spontaneous sponsor monies I have received from fellow Carnforth darts and Lancashire teamates.

If anyone else feels they can help me continue my development then please drop me an inbox.

A bit of well earned time off before I help fundraiser for charity and play in the Peterson Darts Open on 2nd June @ Smokey O'Connors

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