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Dream darts in Devon

Our final rearranged May bank holiday fixture of the season was in Beautiful Devon. A 3am pick up for me before we started the long journey collecting the rest of The Red Army and heading down south. Despite the early hours team spirits were at their usual high with lots of jokes and singing on the coach. 7 hours later and after some funny photos of each other sleeping along the way, we arrived at the Heavitree Venue.

Battle commenced as both our Mens B and Devon B ladies had their chance to take the season titles. Despite trying our best I feel fatigue affected our ladies tremendously. Following some close games Devon B's were victors on the day and Champions for the season.

Some cracking games here played in excellent spirits with our hosts. Our man of the weekend was birthday boy Gary Davey whom did the double and set the lads off to winning ways. The men were behind each other through every game and even when practicing themselves. The men knew what was needed however the Devon guys weren't going down without a fight. Despite our best efforts and after travelling all the way, we just missed out. If pride, commitment, team spirit and comradery could win titles we'd be champions of it all however it is darts and the Devon men were far from a pushover for our lads.

Day 1 done, despite not getting the results we wanted we still managed a Lanky singsong on the coach heading to our accommodation for the night. Fatigue was really kicking in now with most being up some 29 hours or more. Allys army all went for something to eat before having brews in the room and retiring to bed before 11pm! I slept like a log...woke up bright and breezy ready for Day 2.

Following the disappointment of Day 1, Day 2 also started on a negative note ...whilst social media is good for advertising and self promotion etc it is also a haven for wildfire negativity and gossipers. This might be of interest to some people but it appears no one seems to care the effect it has on the players and committee alike. Our team still had a job to do despite everything that was going on. We all hadn't paid monies and taken time out from our families/work for nothing...we were here to represent the County we love so we all tried to put the negatives out of our mind until we had finished what had started

Allys army charged at the Devon ladies. Some fantastic darts from both teams led to a 4.2 victory for the Red Rose.

Following advise and practicing hard I played my best ever winning 3.0 with a 27.33 average just pipping Devons own Maria O'Brien in the averages. So close on 4 occasions to signing the infamous 180 Banana! I not only got Lady of the Match for the A team I also won £50 for the best Lady Average of the weekend.

Ecstatic was how I was feeling not only because it was another win for Lancashire but also for myself, I made new friends and even had drinks and laughs with my opponent. It's these experiences and feelings make all the time away from loved ones, travelling even negative comments worthwhile.

Lancashire continued to Battle only just losing the War to the Devon men. It's hard to understand how such a team of great darters are being relegated to the lower league. They're far to good of a team to be kept down long.

Thank you to all the people who have sponsored & supported me this season. I will do all I can to find some help to enable me to go further.

On to next County season. Hoefully this is the seaon I get to sign the 180 Narna..

Welsh open in a weeks time. Hopefully Twinkle will sparkle some more.

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