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Danish darts, disasters & dashes

Friday 27th saw our group head back to Stanstead to get our flight to Billund Denmark for the double header comp. With a couple of major diversions we ended up making it to the airport with just 25 minutes to spare before gate closes. What happened after that was a was everyman for themselves to get into the airport itself, through boarding and passport control and to the gate (which is a 10 mins walk at least).

Myself and roomie for this comp Danielle Ashton made it to the gate just as they were calling final boarding. I have never rushed as much ever. Not knowing where the rest of our party was we took our seats and used the hour long flight to chill. Only when we got to baggage collection did we realise 2 of our party were nowhere to be seen. With phones off airplane mode we made a call. They had not made the flight, along with a couple of others which the diversions caught out. Nothing further we could do other than make sure our members were ok and head onwards to our hotel.

My first game in the masters after a bye was Anastasia Dobromislova - a very tough draw indeed with no warm up game. I won the bull with a perfectly central bullseye and set out great. Despite my trying I lost only taking 1 leg, however I was with her all of the way. A friend advised me that it appeared I "played the player" not the board.

This is probably true! If anyone has any advice they can give me as to how they prepare for big games it will be greatly received as this website is not only to try to help me get sponsors but to learn & I always take what feedback I get and use it constructively. It will only better my game.

The BDO tour is amazing. All the new places and experiences. We all mingle together and look after each other. Any rivalries on the oche are not taken off it and the whole group are always in good spirits. Our Danish hosts were extremely hospitable and helpful by making sure we all had coaches and a good time. The venue was amazing as were the people and City itself.

End of day 1 led to a 30 metre dash by Maria O'Brien, over taking a runner on the Blue Water running track before celebrating the the corner flag from the football pitch and a fantastic drop goal with a cup!!! Hilarious - this lady is obviously talented in many sports.

Day 2 started with me playing my sister in law. Not the best match as a lot of respect for each other but I came out on top despite a valiant fight back by Heather. The wires were not my friend this day,I can safely say I will never hit dbl 5, dbl 10 then dbl 5 again to take out 40! I went on to face Anca Zilstra again. This lady beat me again...but not anymore Third time lucky is MY TURN!

After watching some high class darts from both the ladies and the men we all got on our coach to head back for our flight. One of the player realised they did not have their passport, it had not been left on the coach so disaster stuck yet again. We all rallied round Deta Hedman kindly got in touch with her Danish friends whom offered to help but the player was already on a bus to go to the British Embassy in Copenhagen to get a new passport before he would be allowed home.

A stress & rush free boarding soon turned into a nightmare when the boarding @ 21.45 then changed to 23.00. They delayed further still to 00.50. However, somehow we got our plane earlier and go on and headed home after being up over 26 hours.

Thanks to all for another memorable weekend. On to Devon next weekend then the fantastic fun of the Welsh Open.....what are we dressing up as this year?!

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