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Clash of the Titans

The 2018 Roses clash took place over the weekend of 21st & 22nd April at Castleford. The Red Army marched forth in high spirits ready to do battle.

The ladies started the charge with extremely exciting, highly fueled games. Virtually every ladies game went to the deciding leg the quality was that good. The venue was extremely warm, not being helped by the brief heatwave we had. Honours went to Yorkshire 4 games to 2 with 16 legs to them and 13 legs to us. Great starting point for the Mens team.

The men continued to battle and gain every point possible to stand us in better stead moving on to our final rearranged Devon clash in May. The men almost managed to get the draw, narrowly missing out to a 7.5 victory to the Whites.

Day1 was over. We returned to our hotel where extortionate taxi fares led to the majority of the team staying in the hotel reception having a fun quiz before retiring to bed to be fresh for the 2nd wave.

Day 2 Began again with a hot start. Temperatures rose both inside the venue and in the hearts of the teams. I was drawn on first to play. I needed to set off well.

My opponent threw her whole arsenal at me going 2 nil up. I wasn't ready to be defeated and pulled strength and bravery from every experience, every game. My cavalry came charging back.

I pulled it back to 2.2. Struggling with the heat it felt like I had a tap running in my hands, my darts were slipping despite me wiping and drying on my top between throws. It was an all out slug fest to the winning double. I HIT IT! I had won, I had got the point with an average of 18.96. Averages out the window the win is what was needed. I was dubbed the Come Back Queen.

The other Red Roses all battled hard, supported strongly & facing tough adversaries resulted again in close matches. Our ladies team ended 5.1 down but this result did in no way reflect the quality of the games.

Down to the last Men to help us out the trenches to get us further into No mans land going to Devon. Tight games for all. Glen Durrants first experience of a Roses match. Even he seems to wobble at the magnitude of the game. Our men played awesomely coming out with a 6.6 draw against the team who Yorkshire themselves classed as Superstars. Our team captain calmy beat Brian "Doggy" Dawson to get the draw for the day.

Onward to the final game in Devon. Can we take any titles in 2018?! The passion and Pride of the Red Rose means we will all certainly try.

On a sad note we said goodbye to the most lovely, friendly and funny lady who has supported our County darts for over 30 years. Many of our team paid their respects and attended the funeral of Caz Foley wearing our county shirt in her honour. RIP Caz, gone but never forgotten xxx

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