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Mixed emotions

Exciting times heading off to Germany to enter their big Open and Masters competition. Hard to believe my darts that started in a little local pub has started taking me all over the world.

First game on Saturday initially ended with an unexpected result of myself been given a walkover as my opponent had not gone to the desk 10 mins before the match was due to start, nor were they anywhere near the board we were due to play on some 15 mins after the game should've started.

25 mins after the game should've started I was then called back to ask if I wanted to play as my opponent was now here. She had apparently been there the whole time.

As I'm new to this I didn't know how to react and I was not in match frame of mind at this point so I declined. Thank you to Paula Jacklin for supporting me during this point as this is a side of the game I have never experienced. I advised I had been given the game and it was due to no fault of my own. I had adhered to the rules.

A German official then called me over advising if I did not play it would result in a loss for me. Unable to do anything further I accepted to play and I won "fair and square" but alas this had taken its toll.

I stepped up quite soon after for my second game and with the previous issues still playing on my mind I wasn't fully focused therefore I just missed out losing 4.3.

Sundays Masters games was a different story. I was more determined to focus and go further. Again I made sure I adhered fully to the rules. I was given a bye into the last 64.

I played my first game - winning 4.1 in a very exciting match. Where I was hitting Treble 20s my opponent was hitting Treble 19s.

My second game, again was close and a 4.2 victory took me into the last 16- to face Dutch player Anca Zilstra.

The 4.1 defeat does not reflect how close the legs actually were.

50 Euros and more ranking points gained. New friends and memories made.

I would like to thank fellow county colleague Sharon Seed and Maureen Parr in memory of her late husband Dave for their help getting me to this competition.

Special thanks to Heather and Michael. If it was not for them guiding me on booking flights and arranging accommodation I doubt I would've attended many at all.

On to Denmark in two weeks!!

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