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BDO & PDC comes together against cancer!

We are holding a massive darts open at Smokey O'Connors in Morecambe on June 2nd 2018. With a prize fund starting at a guaranteed £1200.

Many darters are likely to attend from both organisations to fight for darts supremacy.

To raise extra monies for our local hospice we will be carrying out bonus ball raffles for big prizes such as Pro signed darts shirts to Matchplay VIP darts tickets.

There will be a lucky dip with prizes ranging from gift sets to new darts. Also another huge bottle bag tombola where prizes can include anything from a bottle of spirits to anything that can fit in a bottle bag.

Big thanks to Dave & Michaela Chisnall for acquiring some amazing prizes from local companies and from fellow darts players. We thank each and every one for their support and generous donations.

Lets hope it is a huge success and raises lots of money for the Hospice as this awful disease has taken many of our loved ones. Until we can cure this awful conditon we need to support the establishments and staff who provide the much needed care for our friends/family.

** On the darts front I head to Germany on Friday 13th......eeek! - I best start brushing up on my Deutsch **

Auf wiedersehn....for now.

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