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Dreams do come true!

The long awaited annual pilgrimage to the IOM for the Pokerstars 2018 darts open.

Day 1 started with the IOM classic. Played well but then came up against 4 time ladies champ and friend Lisa Ashton. Against throw I took first leg hitting a nice 146 checkout. From there it went all the way to the deciding leg of which, again was a race to who hit the final double. I came out second best and bowed out at last 32 with a 4.3 defeat, however I'm getting closer to finally seizing victory and finally beating a Pro!

Next up was world ranking Masters event. Victory in first game meant I faced Australian international Corrine Hammond. Going all the way to the decider I threw my last dart into the double and had finally beaten a Pro!

Confidence brimming & on a good streak I progressed further to my next challenge, the lovely Lorraine Winstanley. Our previous county game had been close. With my confidence surging I hit the winning double to come out group winner and into the last 4 ladies of the Masters. My furthest ever!

Alas, physically and mentally drained I just could not gee myself up for the semi final game against Deta Hedman. I played okay, but okay is not enough against these elite ladies. My best ever run had come to an end.

Final day was the Pokerstars IOM open. A bye saw me through round one. My second opponent did not turn up so I was given a walkover. I finally played a lady from Cumbria and won 4.0 - taking out 239 in 5 darts to reach board final.


As a youngster I have always been in awe and inspired by Trina Gulliver MBE. She has done wonders for ladies darts but also a great ambassador for women in general. I had always dreamt of playing her in a real game, never thinking it would happen. Board final was myself vs Trina. I lost 4.0 here with the score line not reflecting the game as I was down with her every leg, but her talent and years of experience meant she was able to stay focussed and hit the doubles when given the opportunity. What a fantastic IOM 2018!!!

I need to work on how to deal with the aches after playing so many games and also keeping momentum up.

**If anyone can offer any advice it will be gratefully received- please feel free to add a comment or send me a message**

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