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3rd Time lucky - Longridge Winner

Third attempt at the Longridge Panel darts competition for me, finally victorious!

(Photo: Vinny Holden & Mike Warburton - who beat Wes Newton to take the Mens Crown)

Excellently run competition every year - highly recommended!

Qualifying on first of the ladies weeks from a tough group only to find another tough route to be taken on Finals night to become the eventual winner.

Finals night saw me draw my good friend & fellow County team/room mate Tracey Cunningham in an absolutely high charged encounter with me coming out with a 3.0 victory. The scoreline does not show how close the game actually was.

Next round I drew another friend and former Lancashire darts team mate Clare Weardon. With it in the back of my mind that Clare had sent me packing from my first attempt at this comp I was determined not to let it happen again. Taking victory with a 3.1 scoreline hitting the double with the first dart every winning leg. All of the legs were under 20 darts.

Ladies Final saw me going head to head yet again with my sister in law to be and comps partner Heather Lodge. For some reason I struggled to find my range on the finals board with both taking a while to settle in first leg missing many opportunities to snatch the winning double. I took the luck when Heather wired her doubles. Again the scoreline of 3.0 to me, does not reflect how close the game was.

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