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I’ve been playing darts properly now for just over 12 years starting in my local pub once my daughters had grown up.  I progressed from local pub leagues to Super league for Lancaster for many years.  The Lancaster darts took a huge hit with the introduction of no smoking in pubs and many pubs closed.  I therefore had to commute to Morecambe and Carnforth to continue playing to Super league standards. 

I am very competitive and like to play tough opponents both Male and Female, to get me to raise my own game and abilities.  My game has really improved over the last couple of years and I have been managing to win more games recently as well as taking legs from, players such as My Idol Trina Guliver MBE, Lisa Ashton, Deta Hedman, Lorraine Winstanley, Fallon Sherrock, Corrine Hammond, Mikuru Suzuki, Paula Jacklin, Anca Zilstra & Dave “Chizzy” Chisnall. 

In March 2018 I finally beat 2 professional players @ Isle of Man 2018.  Beating Lorraine Winstanley and Corrine Hammond.  In November 2018  I also managed to beat both Deta Hedman and Paula Jacklin.  Since then my game has grown with further victories against Trina Gulliver MBE and Fallon " History maker " Sherrock

My greatest achievement to date is being selected to play for Lancashire and recording a 90+ average.  I am the only female darter to it 4 x 180s in a single county Match, throwing 6 perfect darts until a narrowly missed seventh stopped my 9 darter attempt.  County darts has enabled me to play a higher level of players – even International players. 

My current goal is to get higher in the England rankings to be in contention for being selected for our National Team and to play on the iconic Lakeside stage

again.  In order to achieve this I am trying to self fund myself on the darts circuit as there aren't many sponsors out there for the ladies.  If I can get to more events and play against the elite lady players I will not only gain more victories, more experience but hopefully each taking me one step closer to achieving my dream.  

Previously I have had a few small sponsorships from local companies.  I am very touched to also have received one off payments from friends whom support and believe in me.  I am so grateful to all who have previously helped me.:Thank you....!

W&J Plasterers / Peterson / Dave 'Chizzy' Chisnall / GH Consultancy / Ronald Dowall / Chris Turner & Double Trouble Drinks

I am however still looking for someone to take me under their wing for the upcoming WDF 2022 season (specially now as the ladies game is pulling in just as many followers as the mens ) In return for their sponsorship I would advertise the company both in outside of the UK.  I will also support regularly on social media. as well as having any brand/logo on both my darts case and shirt where requested.

If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who may be able to support me then feel free to send me a message below.

If you're just interested on how I am doing please see my blogs which i put on.  They can vary from weekly at busy time to sometimes fortnightly. Please click on the menu button to see all my pages which may be of interest.  I will try to keep them as upto date as possible.  Feel free to scroll down to see some older photographs & also look into my photo Gallery which I am going to try to post new pictures each new competition.

Be with me on my journey to help me fulfill my dreams and ambitions and get your business advertised all over he country & world.  To also get Ladies Darts Twinkling!! 

Success! Message received.


Latest competitions:

Irish Classic Nov 23 - Last 16

Irish Open Nov 23 - Last 16

Belfry Open Oct 23 - Last 16

Bruges Open Oct 23 - Last 32

British Open Sept 23 - Last 8

British Classic Sept 23 - Last 16

Antwerp Open Aug 23 - Last 32

Belgium Open Aug 23 - Last 16

Welsh Open May 23 - Last 64

Welsh Masters May 23 - Last 8

Denmark Open Apr 23 - Last 16

Denmark Masters Apr 23 - Last 8

IOM Masters Mar 23 - Last 8

IOM Classic Mar 23 - Last 8

Longridge Panel Darts Mar 23 - Winner

England National July 22 - Last 16

Romanian Open May 22 - Runner Up

Romanian Classic May 22 - Last 8

Dutch Open 2022 - Last 32

Welsh Open 2022 - Last 8

Welsh Classic 2022 - Last 16

Denmark Masters 2022 - Qtr Finalist

Scottish Open 2022 - Runner Up

Lakeside World Championships - Last 16

IOM Open Mar 2022 - Qtr Finalist

Longridge Darts Feb 2022 - Runner Up

Slovakia Open Feb 2022 - Winner

Slovakia Masters Feb 2022 - Semi Finalist

Slovakia Warm Up Feb 2022 - Winner

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